Welcome to the

Do you, or did you, play a musical instrument?
Has it been too long in its case?
Fancy playing with the RPO? (Not quite up to the Royal Philharmonic, but OK?)
No auditions, no blame for wrong notes, and hardly any cost!

Most instruments are well-represented, though a couple more in each string department
would be welcome.

Rusty Orchestra

The RPO with Alexander McCall Smith (left) and our regular conductor Vince Davy, after
their first major public performance at the Oundle Literature Festival, March 2012 in
St Peter's Church, Oundle. (see Past Events and Future Events)

Learn more about us, and where all the players come from!
Interested? Please contact us.
Download an A4 flier about the Rusty Players

Take a look at our
Facebook Group page (you will need to join first).


See the new LINKS page for
- Other organisations with sympathetic aims
- Sources of free music and parts on the web
- Sources of commercial music and parts for orchestra

Updated 7th March 2016