THE RUSTY PLAYERS OF OUNDLE - Edited Videos by Stefan Pijanowski
Monday 13th February 2012 - Concert with a bridal theme, Thrapston Plaza (8pm)
on the eve of Vince's Thrapston Plaza Opera production of "The Bartered Bride"

Overture "Marriage of Figaro" - Mozart, arr Martin

Gavot (Symphony #4) - Boyce, arr Stone

Oundle Rounds (2012) - composed for RPO by Clfford Bevan

Rondeau (Abdelazar) - Purcell, arr Stone

Shortnin' Bread USA song, arr Stone

Scheherazade (themes) - Rimsky-Korsakov, arr Meyer

March to the Scaffold - Berlioz, arr Carter

Wedding March (MSND) - Mendelssohn, arr Stone